Running Shoe Reviews

These reviews are intended to be quite short and a quick snapshot of my thoughts on running gear.  Shoes are of course a personal thing so what works for me might not for you.  As an idea I have very wide feet, so shoes that work for me have to have quite a wide fit.

Excuse the pictures of my muddy shoes!

Columbia Montrail FKT

In the interests of honesty I received these for free as part of Project Trail for Men’s Running mag.  Nice chunky soles with a good grip which performed better on harder trails rather than mud.  I instantly felt comfortable in these and they soon became my trail running shoe of choice.  Even on a 50 miler I had no sore patches or blisters on my feet. Unfortunately after 400km both ripped in the same place on the inner of the foot. I would buy again but definitely prefer a bit more longevity in my running shoes.

Brooks Cascadia 11

These were a replacement for a pair of Cascadia 10s which also ripped on the inside of the foot after a relatively short distance.  The 11s seem to have held up well. Slightly slim fitting for my feet but very comfortable.  I tend to pick these for short races or long running where I know there will be road or more solid, hard packed trails as the grip seems comfortable for that.

Inov-8 Race Ultra

Apparently designed for ultrarunning these have an extra wide fit so your foot can expand during long runs. Very comfortable and easy to clean with a grip which is comfortable to run on sections of tarmac.  My only issue with these is I’ve ended up with a few black toenails wearing them as my foot must slip forward in use.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS16

My go-to road shoe. I’m on my 4th pair (I’m running out of colour variations).  A nice solid fit, tough upper and wide fitting.  I only seem to get around 600km out of them before they seem to start feeling a bit flat and not as cushioned.  I’d prefer more longevity of course but this seems to be the case with a lot of shoes I’ve owned so maybe it’s my feet/running style.

Inov-8 X-Claw 275

After slipping round in the Glossop mud for a few weeks I realised I needed something with some serious grips. I chose these as they were a wide enough fit and had the biggest lugs in the shop. Its early days yet but I think I’ve realised I’ve been running in the wrong shoes all this time (when faced with serious mid).  Not very comfortable for running on any road sections you have to do though.