What next….. ?

Now that Project Trail is over, I thought I’d write a short piece on the overall experience and what I have planned next.  Project Trail has been well documented – I’ve written several blog pieces on the Men’s Running site (see HERE) and a report on the Wendover Woods 50 itself HERE.  There’s also been monthly interviews in Men’s Running during the build-up and then a final interview after the race (pictured).  I do feel somewhat sad it’s over as it was really great to be involved in something that was included in national magazine.


Getting free gear was, of course, fantastic and the Columbia Montrail clothes/trainers really suit me, so when they do eventually wear out I’ll certainly be hunting out some more.  The training from Robbie Britton was great, especially during the last couple of months – I picked up some great tips and having a coach really drives you to not skip any sessions.  The final build-up had five days a week running, which I probably wouldn’t have done left to my own devices.  Probably the greatest lesson I’ve learnt is eating/drinking – with an ultra-race you just need to fuel, fuel, fuel.  I think this is what enabled me to finish the last lap not much slower than the first. 


So now Project Trail is miles-under-the-bridge, what next?

My last post was about preparing for The Drop, a race with no map, compass, route, GPS where you just have to find your way back (Team OA).  I’ve written a race report which will be published in Men’s Running March edition (out end-Jan), so I’m really pleased that I’ve been able to get a couple of articles published outside of Project Trail (Man vs. Mountain HERE).  I’ll certainly be exploring how/if I can get more writing published with Men’s Running or elsewhere.

I couldn’t have a site entitled All Hail The Trail and continue to live in Manchester City Centre so at the start of February I’m moving to Glossop in Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District.  I’m really looking forward to it and have already joined the Glossopdale Harriers so will begin training with them in earnest shortly.  I also hope to become a regular at the Glossop parkrun with an aim to get my 50 parkrun t-shirt by the end of the year (I’ve done 27 to-date).

Along with that I also have a few races booked, Oldham Way Ultra 40 miles in March, Liverpool to Manchester 50 miles in April and the Lakeland Trails 110km in July.  I’m suffering with a bad hip at the moment so I’m not building up the training as much as I’d like to right now, but such is life and I’ll have to see if I’m ready for the OWU……

I’ll also be developing this site to contain more recipes, routes, short gear reviews, race reports and any other running related thoughts.  Anyone please feel free to contact me on anything related to this site, any opportunities for running/writing/blog collaboration or anything else that may be of interest!

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