Preparing for The Drop

In a couple of days time I’m running a race.  Not just any old race, but one that’s going to be very difficult and it probably won’t go very well.  The race in question is called The Drop (by Team OA).  The fun starts in Huddersfield where you are blindfolded and driven to an undisclosed location, ten-miles away (as the crow flies), and then released at two minute intervals.  First one back to Huddersfield wins.

The high-tech generation may merely shrug their shoulders and wonder where the problem is with that.  Well, Google-mappers, no phones are allowed.  Or GPS watches.  Or maps/compass.  The race organisers will have strapped a GPS tracker onto us so they can observe (laugh) at the various routes we “decide” to take.  You can follow it here:

I don’t feel in a strong position for this one.  I’m completely full of Christmas dinner and I’ve only ever been to Huddersfield once, and am not at all familiar with the area.  Or any of the areas within a ten-mile radius for that matter……

There’s been all sorts of pub-talk on the strategy for this; following the sun, memorising the route the van takes, friends sending out carrier pigeons if I’m going the wrong way, Prison Break style tattoos and even zen-style just “feeling” the way.  Other runners could be sent in the wrong direction by planting decoys giving wrong directions or rotating road signs.  Some have even suggested that I must be the first person to ever try and run back to Huddersfield 🙂

I certainly wont be cheating so my only strategy can be to start to run in a random direction and hope to find something (or someone) that will tell me the way!!!

I’m writing an article on this race for Men’s Running so check out the mag (out end of January) to see how it went!

Finally here’s a couple of pics I took walking in Waseley Country Park on Boxing Day.  For no other reason other than its nice over there and it was a lovely day!





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